Does Vaping Make You Gain Weight? Nicotine for weight loss?

does vaping make you gain weight

Vaping has become a quite popular alternative to smoking in recent years, with many people turning to e-cigarettes to quit traditional tobacco products. Some may have one concern: “Does vaping make you gain weight.”

At the same time, some people may worry that using e-cigarettes can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle.

For many individuals, vaping can bring a lot of benefits. This write-up will deeply discuss “Does vaping make you gain weight.” We will also explore how e-cigarettes can impact your body and lifestyle!

So, let’s dive into the details!

Common Misconceptions or Myths About Vaping and Weight Gain 

Before digging into the answer of Does vaping make you gain weight, let’s first discuss the common myths associated with it. E-liquids come in a wide variety of delightful flavours, and it is important to note that they do not have the same impact on the body as consuming sugary treats. It’s because the caloric content of a vape is way less than what you take in typical sweet treats. 

E-liquids use artificial sweeteners such as sucralose – 600 times sweeter than sugar – that don’t have excess calories. Additionally, vaping is inhaling and exhaling e-liquid that is not equivalent to ingesting a product with comparable caloric content. So, if you think a vaping shot has the same calories as a cupcake, you may be wrong!

E-Liquids and Weight Gain

E-liquids are liquids that are used in vaping devices to produce vapour. These liquids contain various ingredients, including propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and various flavours. Some believe these ingredients can contribute to weight gain, as they contain calories and may stimulate appetite. To address concerns about vaping and weight gain, you can examine the calorie content of the two main components of vape juice: VG and PG.

It’s because the number of calories you consume is directly related to the likelihood of gaining weight. So, focusing on these ingredients can provide insight into the potential impact of vaping on your weight. You’ll be surprised to know that the combined caloric content of these ingredients is 4 calories per gram. 

  • This shows e-liquids contain calories, but the amount is relatively small and unlikely to impact weight significantly. 
  • Not only this but experts also have a view that these calories don’t get absorbed by the lungs. However, even if some calories get absorbed, they don’t contribute to weight gain. 

So, the answer to “Does vaping make you gain weight?” is no! Additionally, the flavours used in e-liquids are typically sweet or fruity, which may satisfy cravings for sugary foods without the added calories.

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Nicotine and Weight Loss 

Vapes and other e-liquids have nicotine, so it also serves as a great alternative for traditional smokers to get rid of smoking. However, many people ask, does nicotine make you lose weight? Well, some people may experience weight loss while others don’t. Typically, nicotine is an addictive compound in e-liquids and traditional cigarettes. It has been shown to increase metabolic rate and suppress appetite, which sometimes results in weight loss. 

does vaping make you weight loss

When you lose your appetite and reduce your food intake, you ultimately see a reduction in your overall weight. According to New Zealand’s Massey University Research, regular use of e-cigarettes can increase metabolism and reduce appetite like other cigarettes. Especially if you are a new vaper and it’s your first time with nicotine products, you may experience weight loss. 

Why Ex-Smokers May Gain Weight After Smoking?

If you are an ex-smoker getting slightly fat, you may wonder if vaping makes you gain weight and why? Here are the reasons ex-smokers may gain weight and blame it on vaping:

  • Metabolism slows down: Smoking can increase metabolic rate, which means the body burns calories faster. When someone quits smoking, their metabolism slows down, and they burn fewer calories.
  • Eating replaces smoking: Many people use smoking to manage stress or emotions, and when they quit smoking, they may turn to food to cope instead. This leads to overeating and weight gain.
  • Taste and smell improve: Smoking can dull the sense of taste and smell; when someone quits smoking, these senses often improve. This can lead to an increased enjoyment of food and a greater desire to eat.


Overall, the answer to Does vaping make you gain weight? Is no! Vapes have nicotine which often boosts your metabolism, and the caloric content of e-liquids is also very low, which means you’ll not get fat using them. 

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