Elf Bar Lost Mary BM3500 (Vimto)

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Enjoy the mouthwatering Vimto flavor with the Lost Mary BM3500 vape. This outstanding vapor recreates the traditional and cherished flavor of the well-known Vimto beverage, providing a pleasurable and nostalgic vaping experience.
Immerse your taste in the flavorful fusion of mixed berries and tart grape, masterfully laced with a dash of sparkling soda, with each inhalation. The Vimto Lost Mary BM3500 flavour, which delivers a symphony of fruity flavours that will have you hankering for more, perfectly captures the spirit of this legendary beverage.
This disposable vape is pre-filled with Vimto flavour e-liquid and was created with ease in mind, so there is no need for refills or complicated setups. With a large 2ml juice tank capacity, you may continuously enjoy a long vaping session…

With the Vimto Lost Mary BM3500 vape, go on a nostalgic journey while indulging in the mouthwatering match of mixed berries and grapes. With each pleasant inhale, this legendary flavor will take you back to happy memories, elevating your vaping experience.

Note About Device Charging:

You have the option to replenish your vape battery using a swift C-type charger, specifically designed for efficient charging of this device. Within a brief interval of time spent on charging, you will gain the ability to indulge in delightful puffs. However, it is imperative to refrain from excessively prolonging the recharging process, as it may cause significant damage to the device.

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Vimto Lost Mary BM3500 Features:

  • E-Liquid in the flavor Vimto that has been pre-filled
  • Fixed-power disposable vape with a 2 ml juice tank
  • You should get about 3500+ puffs per bar.
  • Pre-charged internal 1250mAh lithium-ion battery capacity
  • Rechargeable battery with a bottom C-Type charging port
  • Inhale-activated puff bar that is simple to use
  • Vaping in the mouth-to-lung manual draw fashion.
  • 200-gram super-lightweight construction.
  • The disposable vaporizer is incredibly small, measuring 69*41*19 mm.


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